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Coldwater Duck Club

Home of Big Al's Place in Sledge, Mississippi


Today we are going for all Mallard Drakes but in a moment of weakness we just may swat the whole bunch!


Attention Duck Hunters:

Attention To All Hunters

The 2013/2014 Season is almost here and due to me having a I-Phone to loose all my contact information I have had a difficult time getting in touch with everyone. Your lease payments on your leases are due by the 15 th of October and in the future please have to me by those dates as my farmers and landowners want there money by those dates. I would appreciate more attention to this in future years .

I'm looking for a outstanding season this year and please send me your pictures for the web page. Also due to some groups complaining about insurance and the premiums I charged in the past there will no longer be any alcoholic beverages of any kind consumed in your pit or blind ! Sorry it's in my insurance policy that I carry and I or my insurance carrier doesn't allow it .

Also we shoot working ducks not ducks at distances where 7 guys shoot 21 shells at ducks and 1 falls 200 yds from your pit crippled and someone chases it down shooting another 12 shots at it and flaring 15 groups of ducks of 5 other pits ! Please think about what your doing and the actions and how it effects others. It's about everyone not just you!!!!!



There will be a meeting at the shop the night before the season opens at the shop. If you can't attend please send me your email and we can discuss all rules and regulations. The topics are simple .

I have (2) major rules and I will enforce them at all times. They have to be followed. Also all hunters will be asked to sign a release and if you bring any guest they will need to sign. If you bring underage kids it must be signed by a parent as well. I have paid the insurance myself for the last (2) years out of my pocket and after being so involved I want it to be done correctly. I don't ask any of you to pay because of the discussion of why someone pays more and some pay less . It has to do with acreage.


Charles/Al/Mack/Charles Jr



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